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Our Rincon Logo

Class of 1960 designer of RHS LOGO Paula Welch, When the school announced a mascot logo contest, The artist in Paula   prompted her to compete. Students where invited to present their idea in a drawing that was displayed in the cafeteria for a student body vote. She decided to base her concept on a symbol of a Ranger—-BOOTS and a  HAT.


Class of 1960 Designer of RHS Logo Paula Welch


During the remodel of the north gym we requested they not destroy our logo that was imprinted into the wood. At the same time we found the iron molding stamps that were used to place those logo’s into the floor (from back in the day) and created a senior project.

Chris Galvez, Class of 2013, took the wood piece and stamp to his family business and welded the pieces to create one! With the help of 3 men and a half hour of attempts…the piece was mounted in the gym.
The Rincon High Parent Teacher Association  would like to thank CHRIS GALVEZ, alumni class of 2013 for this awesome mural made from the flooring of the old gymnasium.

RHS LOGO By alumni Chris Galvez


The tile project was one that took months of planning. Again, we wanted to show school pride after talks that the campus might be taken over my University meaning Rincon would close its doors. After planning and several meetings a tile project was created. We wanted something that could be seen not only by our students but those who came to our house to face us either in Football, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Basketball or Volleyball….this was our school and with it comes pride!

Thanks to Kristen French and her dad we created a paper outline of the 9×6 tile project. The Barnyard funded the project by purchasing tiles, mud, marbles, food and plenty of drinks. After several weekends and after school projects the mosaic was created. Seniors who worked steadily on the project: Angel Espadas, Chris Galvez, Teeda Wang, Hannah Gabusi, Victoria Beckham, Kristen French, Estevan Farero, Carissa Marshall, Brandon Dancer, Mason Gardner, Ms Allen and Veronica Dorion. We had other students come to volunteer when time allowed however the above made it nearly every session.