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Ranger Foundation Agenda

December, 2019

  • Hall of Fame
    • Recap of event
      • Expenses vs. Profit
    • Feedback
  • Membership Drive
    • Annual vs. Life Time
      • Button confirmation for Life Time Members
  • Senior Rincon Scholarships      
    • Rewriting the qualifications for applying
    • Deadline for submission
    • Review panel for judging
  • Golf Tournament
    • Not too early to begin thinking of dates and confirming
    • Start fundraising efforts
  • Next Meeting Date and Time
  • Adjourned

July 10th,2019 11:30am | Meeting location Cheddars

  Meeting called by Dennis McEvoy Type of meeting Recap of May 28,2019 Agenda Facilitator Veronica Dorion     In Attendance Rich Utter Laura Grijalva Hank Matz Armida Damitz   Recap of Discussions      
Golf Tournament was a huge success. Based off the numbers a profit of over $6000 was made this year! Great job by everyone for getting golfers and the amazing donations for the raffle, prizes and silent auction.  Team effort was in full effect.  Laura collected $300 in credit sales and has given a check to the foundation for those collections from the PTA account which holds the credit card services. For next year’s event we will keep separate bank bags for the raffle, silent auction and golfers who pay that day to have a better understanding of the profits. The T-box signs were also tossed in the trash as we did not give the venue notification to save them.  Next year we will ask them to pick them up for us or we’ll grab a golf cart and pick them up to resell for next year.   The scholarship winners from the Class of 2019 meet in May to create a video to be shown at the Hall of Fame breakfast in November.  All but 1 recipient was in attendance.  A professional video photographer was contracted and has already sent back the results to board members.  Laura has taken care of the fee through the Wells Fargo Ranger Foundation DBA Rincon Ranger Golf account.  In December/January members will revisit the verbiage of the essay and qualifications for those wishing to apply. There seemed to be some confusion regarding the two Facebook accounts related to Rincon.  The Alumni (Vicki Slutes) has their own records and accounts; not to be confused with the Ranger Foundation.  When the 60th Birthday Bash was being created it was suggested to include the word “Alumni” in postings.  This will be removed and will state Rincon Ranger Foundation only.  Armida will make those changes as the gatekeeper to the Facebook account.  Veronica hopes to create a Foundation Membership Drive this August.  Incentives were discussed and a vote to have lapel pins was agreed upon for those that choose to be a Life Time Member.  Prices and a registration form will be presented at the August meeting with the MailChimp send out taking effect a few days later.  All those Life Time Members who have already paid, will be sent a thank you along with the pin for their continued support and efforts. Our goal is to have another 20 members, in total, sign up during this push.  The current list was viewed by Hank and Rich to ensure that names were spelled correctly and that no one was missing.  Records will be revised for future as Veronica goes through the items Sarah Kim has left after leaving the Foundation Board. Laura and Veronica would like to discuss, in a future meeting, a gathering of members in September/October as a way to bring everyone together at Homecoming to celebrate Rincon’s annual birthday.  Details are still in the planning stages.  Just an additional way to keep the membership awareness for everyone to continue to give back to the school.  Prior to the minutes going out it was decided to move the membership drive to a spring event to spread the events through out the year instead of just in 6 months.  Nominations for the Hall of Fame Breakfast will be a continued work in progress as calls are made.  Dennis has recommended Gil Grant.  Hank has recommended Tommy Pagnozzi.  Both of these candidates will be contacted the week of July 15th in an effort they will accept and attend the annual event.  Presenter, Al LeCocq, will also be contacted by Dennis in hopes his schedule permits him to attend.  There are several other considerations for the award, however the board is not sure about having more than 2 this year if the candidates confirm the nomination.  This event is always a huge event for alumni and once again we are hoping to succeed our numbers by having at least 75 in attendance.  The discussion of guests and fellow Hall of Fame recipients will be discussed at a future meeting.  Several agree we need to have a limit on ‘free’ guests and how to better serve those that have given so much.  Prior to the minutes going out Tommy Pagnozzi has declined the nomination at this time due to family health issues. He would be honored if we considered him for the 2020 Hall of Fame. Dave Crawford has been recommended as an alternate candidate. An email vote was taken and confirmed to reach out to Dave for this nomination. A meeting on the 31st of August has been set for BJ’s at 4pm to confirm candidates. The Hall of Fame annual event is going to be held on Saturday, November 2nd beginning registration at 7:30 am and breakfast starting at 8:00 am.  The annual event will be held at Tucson Country Club. ccount (DBA Rincon Ranger Golf) under Laura and Dennis. The current balance is $1940.60.  (The spreadsheet was incorrect, and a double entry was made ~ this will be cleared up for next meeting).  Rich presented the other Wells Fargo account he has with Dennis; which Veronica will work through and have recorded for the August meeting.  The discussion to have 2 accounts and why the need will be revisited in August as time had run out to have this depth conversation. Next meeting to be held Friday, August 2nd at 4:00 pm KonTiki.Prior to the minutes going out Dennis had a conflict.  The meeting to discuss the Hall of Fame will take place on July 31st at 4pm BJ’s.  The monthly meeting has been moved to August 23rd or 30th 4pm Kon Tiki.  Suggestions for time and dates are requested as I know this is the start of Ranger Football season. Meeting Adjourned at 1:10 pm    

May 15th 11:30 am | Meeting location Casa Molina

Rincon Ranger Foundation |Minutes

Meeting called by Dennis McEvoy Type of meeting Golf Tournament Facilitator Dennis McEvoy Note taker Veronica Dorion In Attendance Rich Utter Laura Grijalva Barbara Grijalva  

Agenda topics

 Golf Tournament | Presenter Dennis McEvoy

  Action items Person responsible Deadline
Currently we have 52 golfers.  This is a huge increase from last year’s event. Group Efforts May 31st
Prizes: 1st Prize will be 4 purple golf bags and a dozen balls. 2nd Prize golf for 2soms for all 4 players each plus a dozen balls.  3rd Prize will be a dozen Pro V golf balls.  4th Prize is 1 4some for the group to utilize together. Longest Drive $25 gift card to Lucky Wishbone.  Closest to the hole $20 Outback Steak House.  Random gift cards will be placed in 1 lucky 4some’s swag bag as an extra thank you to our golfers.  Swag bags have been delivered and look amazing; a donation by the Lott Family on behalf of MEW. A list of times was given to each member. Dennis McEvoy  Rich Utter May 15th
Volunteers: Veronica will create a location list for each volunteer for the morning and afternoon.  Photographer ~ Laura Grijalva will take a golf cart to take candid shots and Linda/Barbara will be a specific hole to take group photographs.  We will have someone selling raffle tickets, checking in golfers, and monitoring silent auction table. Veronica Dorion  
Raffle Items: We are still gathering donations for raffle and or auction items.  Thanks to Elaine, with MEW, we have collected a handful of raffle items as well as auction items.  A list was presented to members.    Veronica Dorion Date | time
Tee Boxes:  6 signs have been either sold or traded. Veronica Dorion May 15
Action items Person responsible Deadline
Senior Breakfast:  Medallions have arrived and Rich will cut a check for $827.78 for the 200 ordered.  During the summer we will look at options from a competitor or consider no longer supporting the medallions for seniors.  Veronica will reach out to Jostens representative Joe and Jan Grossi to invite them to join us for breakfast and scholarship awards. Veronica Dorion June 2019
Dave Dosh, DDS: Dave has been asked to speak to the seniors before the leave the auditorium prior to graduation on the field.  Any alumni is welcomed to join us by 5:45 for the presentation and show support for our alumni.  Scholarships:  We will not be using RHS Digital Media class for the presentation for the scholarship winners that will be used for the Foundation Breakfast in November. Barbara has a connection that she will contact as well as Dennis has an affiliate in California that he will also reach out to.  We would like final project completed by end of September to ensure it is ready for November. Dennis McEvoy May 23rd  

Open Discussion Items:

Newsletter:  In May our 1st newsletter in years was released to all whose emails we have on file.  Feedback has not come back yet from members.  There was some confusion regarding if we are affiliated with the Alumni Foundation.  We will table this conversation for June when we have time to go into detail the difference and the correct contact information for each foundation. 

Life Time Membership: Veronica brought up the cost of the life time members and what incentives they get for paying the one time fee.  Veronica thought we should offer discounts to events and provide each member with a polo.  It was decided that we would discuss this meeting after the golf tournament at June’s meeting.

Next meeting to be held on May 28th at 11:30.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:54 pm

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