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Ranger Foundation Minutes

Ranger Foundation Meeting
September 14, 2016
Called to order at 3:00 p.m.
Members present: Laura Grijalva, Hank Matz, Dennis McEvoy, Sarah Kim, Tom Barringer ,Christine
Videos for Breakfast: At the beginning of the meeting, Christine Snodgrass stopped in to discuss the
progress of the videos for the breakfast. All students except one (Geiya Hatter, who’s at ASU) have
completed their videos; Laura and Sarah will contact her to encourage her to complete her
“questionnaire.” Dennis arranged to meet with Christine to provide the information for the honorees as
well as review the student videos already completed.
New Hall of Fame Inductees We discussed the difficulties we have had meeting with Mary Ann
Calmes (4 appointments, and 4 cancellations on her part) and decided that rather than asking her to meet
with us and attend the breakfast, we will send a letter and certificate to honor her. We then discussed an
additional honoree for this year, and agreed on Bill Broyles. Hank will contact; we surmise Bill will
write his own “biography” for video. Hank will meet with him. Tom now has the information needed
to create the trophies.
Promotion: Sarah provided a prototype of the registration form; we will modify it, make sure it’s on
the website (Laura and Armida are working toward the option of online registration), and will provide
paper copies for upcoming reunions. We also are hopeful of possible mention by Greg Hansen and
David Fitzsimmons in the Star, and Tom suggested free radio and TV (KGUN) spots as well. Dennis
will attend another RHS faculty meeting to promote the event.
National Anthem: We decided to ask Mareena’s Choraliers to sing the National Anthem this year, and
possibly one more song to close the program as well. Laura will contact Bob Jackson about subsidizing
the students’ breakfasts (there could be around 20 of them), as well as his willingness to again sponsor
educators. Sarah will contact Mareena to coordinate the Choraliers’ performance at the event.
Grant Request: The Board reviewed and unanimously approved faculty member Helen Voysey’s grant
request in the amount of $735.08 for a Biotechnology program through the UA for Biology and AP
Biology classes.
Adjournment: 3:35 p.m

Ranger Foundation Meeting 

August 31, 2016

Called to order at 3:00 p.m.

Members present: Sarah Kim, Hank Matz, Dennis McEvoy, Rich Utter

New Hall of Fame Inductees: Dennis has already arranged for meetings with Mr. Mehle’s son and Mareena Boosamra-Ball and her husband. Maryann Calmes has agreed to two dates for meetings, then cancelled, but a meeting is now scheduled for Saturday, September 10.

Guest Speaker: Pat Darcy, alumnus and former Cincinnati Reds pitcher, has agreed to be our breakfast speaker.

Breakfast Registration/HOF Bios: Sarah will coordinate with Armida and Laura to get the registration forms printed/posted ASAP, and also to generate short biographies of the honorees to be posted on the website.. Our goal is to submit the biographical information for the honorees to Chris Snodgrass by our next meeting (Sept. 14).

Rincon Faculty Meeting Sept. 7: Board members will attend the first few minutes of the faculty meeting in order to promote the breakfast as well as the Mini-Grants. Sarah will bring grant forms to the meeting, and we hope to have the form on the website by then.

We discussed the disappointing “no show” rate of educators at the breakfast last year (possibly due to the timing, right after fall break). We are not sure if we have a sponsor for teachers this year, and suggested a $20 “educator rate” to cover the cost of the breakfast catering. But we’re not giving up on finding a sponsor or sponsors!

Videos: Four of the student videos are already complete. And Chris has been able to schedule all but one of the others (student is at ASU).

Corporation Commission Annual Report: Laura has agreed to update the online report by this year’s deadline, which is Sept. 21.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 14