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Ranger Foundation Minutes

Ranger Foundation Meeting Notes

April 11, 2018

Called to order at 3:05

Members present:  Tori Bacal, Laura Grijalva, Veronica Dorion, Bill Ball, Sarah Kim, Dennis McEvoy, Rich Utter

Golf Event:   Dennis confirmed that this year’s golf event will be on Friday, June 1 at Arizona National.  He created colorful large tickets to advertise the event, and using the “direct mail” technique, will send these to the prospective players.   The emphases for preparing the event will be:

  • First, secure PLAYERS.  Goal is 40.
  • Next, secure prizes.  Veronica Dorion graciously agreed to assist!
  • Finally, decide about a raffle/silent auction.  Again, Veronica will help.

2018/2019 Scholarships:    The application due date for this year’s scholarships will be Friday, April 27 at 3:30 p.m.  Laura will pick up the applications and distribute them to us for discussion and selection at our next Board meeting, which will be May 2.   If possible, members should review and rate applicants prior to that meeting.

Tori Bacal reports that there has been great interest in the scholarships, and she has distributed many applications.   One concern is that the Griste scholarship has several qualified applicants (requires high GPA and interest in medical/scientific major) who are NOT attending Arizona schools.   Sarah will check with Dr. Griste to see if out-of-state school is acceptable to him, and Dennis will check the bylaws to be sure they don’t specify that scholarship recipients necessarily attend only Arizona schools.

Senior Breakfast:   The Breakfast will be on Wednesday, May 23, and students and their parents will attend the breakfast and then proceed to the auditorium at 10:00 a.m. for the honors assembly.   Veronica will talk to Joe Grossi about medallions for the breakfast event.   Juana Ambrose will be coordinating the decoration of the cafeteria.

UA Baseball Outing:  Dennis has arranged a UA Baseball outing for the Foundation Board and the RHS Administration and friends. The game will be Friday, April 20 at 7:00 p.m.  We will distribute the tickets outside Hi Corbett starting at 6:30.

New Business:  

Rincon 60th Anniversary Celebration:   Laura announced that the PTA will sponsor a 60th birthday celebration for RHS on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  The celebration will feature live music, food trucks, and activities.   She has reserved the campus from noon to 9:00 p.m…….but actual advertised celebration will most likely begin at 5:00 p.m. or so.   More information to follow.   The Foundation will help!

Website:   We discussed that the Foundation website needs an update.   Though we successfully used Paypal for the Breakfast registration last October, it is still not possible to donate or become a member online.  We’d also like to be sure that the teacher grants form is accessible, and that we have the required meeting notes available online too.   Laura will speak to her computer “guy” and also to Armida about these issues.

RHS Fundraisers:   Rich announced the Basketball program’s annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction, which will take place on May 4 at 5:30.

Bill shared that this week the RUHS Choir is sponsoring a “Taste of Greece” dinner, catered by Fronimos, for $20.   Interested registrants need to let Mareena (or Bill!) know right away.


Next Meeting:            Wednesday, May 2, 3:00   


Adjournment:                          4:00 p.m.



Ranger Foundation Meeting Notes
March 21, 2018
Called to order at 3:02
Members present: Armida Damitz, Veronica Dorion, Bill Ball, Sarah Kim, Dennis McEvoy, Rich Utter
2018/2019 Scholarships: We reviewed a new chart of available scholarships for the coming year (attached)
which will be part of the student application packets once all the benefactors have approved the descriptions of
their various scholarships. We are delighted that Will Mehle and JD Griste have both added sponsored
scholarships this year! We resolved to offer the ELL scholarship again this year to see if it’s a useful
category, and we changed the application to read “up to four” Foundation scholarships in order to give us some
financial wiggle room, as well as adding the requirement for unofficial transcripts. Once all parties have
approved the descriptions, Sarah will get application originals to Tori Bacal so that they can be distributed by
the end of the month.
The new JD Griste Science Scholarship will likely be funded through a Donor Advised Fund. Dennis will
write a letter in the next week to Dr. Griste confirming how such a fund would fit in with our existing structure.
We’ll also talk to Dr. Griste about protocols if there are no eligible applicants – would money be carried over?
Would requirements be relaxed?
UA Baseball Outing: Dennis has arranged a UA Baseball outing for the Foundation Board and the RHS
Administration and friends. The game will be Saturday, April 7 at 7p.m. There is a possibility that the date
will be changed to Friday, April 20: Ms. Welch will query the admin early next week and let us know. Further,
she has requested that the Foundation sponsor a bowling night for the entire faculty some time later this spring.
Golf Tournament: We began discussing this year’s golf outing. Plans are to have it at Arizona National
again, though Dennis Palmer will be leaving. Goal is register 40 players. The date is in flux – though we had
originally talked about June 8, a Friday, we are also thinking of Friday June 1, as well as Saturday June 9.
Consensus was that June 1 would work best for most Board members. This will fall the week after the
Memorial Day weekend. Dennis will talk to Arizona National and have a firm date for our next meeting.
New Business: The Board discussed and approved a $900 payment to sponsor RHS seniors to attend Girls’
State and Boys’ State again this year.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 11, 3:00
Adjournment: 3:38 p.m.
Ranger Foundation Meeting Notes
April 12, 2017
Called to order at 2:58 p.m.
Members present: Tom Barringer, Dave Dosh, Laura Grijalva, Dennis McEvoy, Sarah Kim, Rich
Utter, Alissa Welch (Guest)
Dr. Dave Dosh’s gift: Dave donated a beautiful Ka’ve bowl to the Foundation for fundraising. We
discussed at length whether to offer this work of art as a silent auction item at the golf event, or whether
to offer it as a higher-priced (perhaps $25/ticket) raffle item. We also mentioned certain Foundation
members who might be interested in an outright purchase.
Teachers’ Night Out”: RHS Principal, Alissa Welch, reported that 30 staff members attended the
UA baseball outing and really enjoyed it. She felt that it represented a great start to a series of faculty
morale- and community-building events. Ten alumni, as well as board members, also attended. We
proposed one Foundation-sponsored event per semester. Some suggestions included roping off seating
areas for sports events, and encouraging faculty/staff to bring a guest. Ms. Welch will propose and plan
an event for early in the Fall, 2017 semester.
Foundation GOLF Tournament: Our event will be Friday, June 9, 2017. Dennis brought a
prototype of the registration form, which will be slightly modified to include shirt sizes for registrants.
Sarah will send out to members. We discussed using Territorial Signs for the T-box signs – all will
promote, and Rich will talk to Territorial. They will need information by May 10.
Student Scholarships: Laura reported that we are on track for scholarships. Student deadline is April
28 – we will review applications at our next meeting.
Adjournment: 3:50 p.m


Ranger Foundation Meeting
September 14, 2016
Called to order at 3:00 p.m.
Members present: Laura Grijalva, Hank Matz, Dennis McEvoy, Sarah Kim, Tom Barringer ,Christine
Videos for Breakfast: At the beginning of the meeting, Christine Snodgrass stopped in to discuss the
progress of the videos for the breakfast. All students except one (Geiya Hatter, who’s at ASU) have
completed their videos; Laura and Sarah will contact her to encourage her to complete her
“questionnaire.” Dennis arranged to meet with Christine to provide the information for the honorees as
well as review the student videos already completed.
New Hall of Fame Inductees We discussed the difficulties we have had meeting with Mary Ann
Calmes (4 appointments, and 4 cancellations on her part) and decided that rather than asking her to meet
with us and attend the breakfast, we will send a letter and certificate to honor her. We then discussed an
additional honoree for this year, and agreed on Bill Broyles. Hank will contact; we surmise Bill will
write his own “biography” for video. Hank will meet with him. Tom now has the information needed
to create the trophies.
Promotion: Sarah provided a prototype of the registration form; we will modify it, make sure it’s on
the website (Laura and Armida are working toward the option of online registration), and will provide
paper copies for upcoming reunions. We also are hopeful of possible mention by Greg Hansen and
David Fitzsimmons in the Star, and Tom suggested free radio and TV (KGUN) spots as well. Dennis
will attend another RHS faculty meeting to promote the event.
National Anthem: We decided to ask Mareena’s Choraliers to sing the National Anthem this year, and
possibly one more song to close the program as well. Laura will contact Bob Jackson about subsidizing
the students’ breakfasts (there could be around 20 of them), as well as his willingness to again sponsor
educators. Sarah will contact Mareena to coordinate the Choraliers’ performance at the event.
Grant Request: The Board reviewed and unanimously approved faculty member Helen Voysey’s grant
request in the amount of $735.08 for a Biotechnology program through the UA for Biology and AP
Biology classes.
Adjournment: 3:35 p.m

Ranger Foundation Meeting 

August 31, 2016

Called to order at 3:00 p.m.

Members present: Sarah Kim, Hank Matz, Dennis McEvoy, Rich Utter

New Hall of Fame Inductees: Dennis has already arranged for meetings with Mr. Mehle’s son and Mareena Boosamra-Ball and her husband. Maryann Calmes has agreed to two dates for meetings, then cancelled, but a meeting is now scheduled for Saturday, September 10.

Guest Speaker: Pat Darcy, alumnus and former Cincinnati Reds pitcher, has agreed to be our breakfast speaker.

Breakfast Registration/HOF Bios: Sarah will coordinate with Armida and Laura to get the registration forms printed/posted ASAP, and also to generate short biographies of the honorees to be posted on the website.. Our goal is to submit the biographical information for the honorees to Chris Snodgrass by our next meeting (Sept. 14).

Rincon Faculty Meeting Sept. 7: Board members will attend the first few minutes of the faculty meeting in order to promote the breakfast as well as the Mini-Grants. Sarah will bring grant forms to the meeting, and we hope to have the form on the website by then.

We discussed the disappointing “no show” rate of educators at the breakfast last year (possibly due to the timing, right after fall break). We are not sure if we have a sponsor for teachers this year, and suggested a $20 “educator rate” to cover the cost of the breakfast catering. But we’re not giving up on finding a sponsor or sponsors!

Videos: Four of the student videos are already complete. And Chris has been able to schedule all but one of the others (student is at ASU).

Corporation Commission Annual Report: Laura has agreed to update the online report by this year’s deadline, which is Sept. 21.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 14